Macaw Bites: How Bad are They?

Macaw parrots are long tailed colorful birds with a unique feather placement and combination.  The majority of their species is now endangered and now they come as hybrid birds a Macaw bird’s beak is considered as one of the powerful ones.  If you get bitten it is going to hurt!  Green wing Macaws are the most difficult to handle of their species.  Female macaws will need more care, compared to males and also males tend to be a little more patient.

Yes, It is going to hurt

Macaw bites are going to hurt and the area is going to be tender for awhile while they take time to heal.  If a macaw bites your finger then can do damage to the skin and draw blood but they aren’t strong enough to break your finger.  Stitches from a macaw bite are highly possible but you won’t ever need a cast.  Macaws are usually pretty easy going birds but if they are disturbed that can change and they will get noisy.  Here is a video of a rescue bird that bites so you have an idea of the damage they can cause.

Get some chew toys

Compared to some other types of pet birds, macaws have fairly large beaks they don’t chew destructively as much as you would expect.  Most folks who buy a macaw after owning smaller birds such as budgies or cockatoos are pretty surprised by how well behaved a macaw can be.  Bear in mind that this only refers to chewing they can still make a lot of noise when they are unhappy.  On the plus side if you give them some wood to chew and sharpen their beaks on and you teach them some simple behaviors that most of these birds will chew happily on wood or toys blissfully leaving your furniture alone.

Dealing with your macaw

Macaws demand attention and they are pretty prone to stress, they need consistency in their environments.  It is not a dog so the training of your macaw will be different than what you’re used to but read some guides on training your macaw to minimize bad behaviors like biting.  If you have an unhappy macaw that does bite especially your face then you need to get medical attention right away.  If your bird starts biting himself then there’s a big issue and you need to speak with an ornithologist right away.

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