How Much Do Macaws Cost?

You’re getting a new pet and have decided on a bird, a macaw no less. You have done ample research on the bird and all of it’s care, but before you enter the pet store to buy your new feathered friend, you’re faced with the daunting question:

How much do macaws cost?

To begin to answer this question, you will first need to decide which size macaw you are interested in purchasing. Are you interested in a large, colorful bird? If so, the large macaw may be the option for you. If you’d like an equally vibrant and beautiful companion, though slightly smaller, the mini macaw should fit your tastes.

Types of Macaws

Mini macaws include Hahn’s macaws, yellow collared macaws, and Illeger’s macaws. The larger type includes blue and gold macaws, military macaws, scarlet macaws, hyacinth macaws, and green wing macaws. Each type of bird comes with it’s own costs, depending on where you would like to purchase it and your specific requirements.


There are many factors that come into play when pricing a macaw. For example, a tame and friendly bird may cost more than one who is not acclimated to humans. Buying a young bird will cost more than buying an adult bird. The location you buy the bird may also be a factor. Pet stores often charge 2x more than the average breeder.

Species is the biggest part that determines the cost of a macaw. Keep in mind- the larger, rarer, and more colorful macaws will have a higher price tag. Mini macaws cost less by several hundred dollars than their counterparts, averaging around $700 to $1200. Some of the larger macaws will cost much more than the smaller ones, with prices going as high as $20,000.

On the cheaper side of large macaws, the blue and golds will typically cost around $1000 from a breeder, military macaws also ending up in the same price range. Scarlet macaws are usually $1500 and green wings range from $1500-$2000. Perhaps the most pricey of the macaws are the hyacinth macaw, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $18,000.

If you are not able to go the breeder route, you are always able to adopt a macaw from a family who can no longer take care of it, or from a shelter where it was surrendered. These birds can be as little as $200, but can cost more or less depending on the circumstances and person who you are adopting the bird from.

Remember, the bird is only half of the cost! Macaws also need ample cage space and plent of toys! Happy searching for the perfect feathered friend!

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